CFBB’s response on Mississauga’s motion exploring a departure from the Region of Peel:

CFBB congratulates Mayor Linda Jeffrey for her firm and fulsome response to the initiative announced by the Mayor of Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie, which would see Mississauga exit from Peel Region and establish itself as an independent jurisdiction. This announcement is directly inconsistent with the Regional Representation study presently ongoing dealing with more equitable allocation of representatives from Brampton and Caledon.  

 If Mississauga truly wants to leave the Region of Peel, then there would need to be a calculation of funds owed to both Brampton and Caledon for all of the years that Brampton taxpayers have helped fund Mississauga’s growth adjusted for inflation.  Will Mississauga taxpayers be willing to accept the cost of this divorce?

 Is Mississauga really going to run their separate  1) water and sewage treatment facilities,  2) police force,  3) garbage collection, disposal and recycling programs 4) regional road building and maintenance,  5) social housing, and the many other regional programs and responsibilities?  With the consolidation of the separate Toronto boroughs into one entity, Metropolitan Toronto, there were many cost savings and elimination of duplications, waste and territorial disputes. The implementation of the regional system in Ontario many years ago was forward thinking and effective.

 The Mayor and Councillors of Mississauga should serve the people rather than their own egos. The idea of splitting Mississauga from Peel Region sounds like empire building to us.

Co-Chairs Doug Bryden and Chris Bejnar


Saying goodbye to Ron Wicks

Ron Wicks

Ron Wicks

Photo courtesy of the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame

An event honouring and remembering the life of Ron Wicks is being held on April 15 between 2 to 4 p.m. at the Brampton Golf Club.

 Brampton Guardian  By  Frank Juzenas

A Celebration of Life will be held for Ron Wicks on April 15 between 2 to 4 p.m. at the Brampton Golf Club.

Wicks, 75, a long-time Brampton resident died on April 1 after a battle with liver cancer. Wicks spent 26 years as an official in the NHL He is a member of the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame.

Brampton Golf Club is at 7700 Kennedy Rd. Call 905-457-5700.


City of Brampton,

Wellington Street West,


Attention:  Mayor Linda Jeffrey and Members of City Council

RE: LRT Questions for tonight’s Planning and Infrastructure Meeting – April 4th, 2016

1) It is very difficult to introduce a 4th transportation mode into a thoroughfare designed for cars, trucks, and buses without compromising efficiency and safety. Conflict is guaranteed unless significant property acquisition and expropriation is assumed.  Therefore, it is important to confirm if the  widening of McLaughlin Rd. has been removed from the ten year capital budget just when staff have been instructed to include McLaughlin Rd. as one of the alternative routes for study on the extension of the LRT to the downtown GO Station.

2) The LRT is now truncated at Steeles. Have there been ongoing discussions with Metrolinx as to how the Steeles station will be designed to allow for future extensions of the track that will not preclude acceptance of any of the three alternatives now being studied by staff? (Etobicoke Creek, Kennedy and McLaughlin routes)

3) Council’s role is to determine policy, and not to micro-manage staff. That said, it is not unreasonable to have Council request regular project updates, how has the task been set up and scheduled internally, and who has been contacted, consulted, and retained for assistance so that the report when it is finished will provide Council with what it needs to debate and arrive at a consensus decision. When will the first project update be available for Council and the public?

4) As has been determined from CFBB /Metrolinx  e-mail correspondence,   that Metrolinx has purchased a significant property in the Downtown core (N/W corner of Nelson St. W and George St N.) , how will property tax revenues be impacted in the short term if demolishing  the existing structures is required to create additional parking for GO Transit commuters?  What are the long term plans for this property acquisition?  (Hopefully a proper Mobility Hub will be considered similar to what has been proposed for the Port Credit and Cooksville GO Stations.  As well, will Metrolinx provide accurate time lines for both its short and long term plans for the property?

5) Will the City of Brampton be equally involved with the Mobility Hub concept/vison planning of the site, prior to any formal applications submitted by Metrolinx?  I believe that everyone would like to avoid the recent problems experienced in Mississauga.   (Ex. Mississauga Transitway BRT station design issues / ignoring residents and Planning Dept.  concerns)

Best Regards,

Doug Bryden and Chris Bejnar

Co-Chairs CFBB


Ron Wicks

We are all saddened at CFBB to learn of the passing of Ron Wicks, our dear friend, colleague, and original member of Citizens for a Better Brampton. Our visits to see him at Brampton Civic Hospital less than a week ago found him in amazingly good spirits, and taking phone calls from the likes of Scotty Bowman, Wayne Gretsky, and Bobby Orr – sharing stories of past glories.

Ron’s NHL refereeing career from 1960 to his retirement in 1986 was significant, not only for its length, but for his officiating in five Stanley Cup finals. He was loved and always well respected by both coaches and players for the accuracy and fairness of his calls.

Ron has skated many miles over the years in countless arenas. But, as he said, it was now time to hang up his skates for a final time. And he was at peace.

Blessings, Ron – and thanks for the memories that you so graciously provided to friends and fans of hockey. You will be missed.

Chris Bejnar and Doug Bryden – Co-Chairs of CFBB

April 2, 2016