CFBB’s Brief Outline for Terms of Reference- Alternate LRT Route studies – Kennedy and McLaughlin

These two routes have been determined by democratic decision of Council to be the only two routes to be studied by staff, carrying out the Environmental Assessment of each route so as to allow direct comparison clearly and reasonable debate thoroughly by Council. The staff report should be prepared and presented within a 6-8 month period from Council agreement on terms of reference, and regular process reviews are mandated by Council of staff to assess progress being made.

As a note, it is understood that complete accuracy of information is based on reasonable assumptions by reasonable professionals and not an end in itself, thereby allowing recommendations to be forthcoming from staff and the public within the proscribed time period to completion.

Here are some terms of reference that CFBB would like to be included for review.

1) Comparisons are to look at the viability and cost of providing at grade, above grade and below grade installations, and combinations of each as deemed appropriate.

2) Comparisons must take into account existing infrastructure impacts, such as water and sewer lines newly required or existing and in need of replacement, bridging conflicts, and potential use of discontinued rail rights-of-way.

3) Comparisons must have investigated whether the routes are to be contained in existing roads and rights-of-way, or whether road widenings and property acquisitions will be needed and guesstimates on the cost of such purchases or expropriations included, and assumptions used on intensity and preferred densification.

4) Based on 3) above, comparisons should include some projection on ridership potential that will arise from station location, and include assumptions on employment and type of development occupancy.

 5) Comparisons must include accessing the Downtown GO station efficiently, taking into account the potential of mobility hub development, clearly show how alignment will interface with a potential Queen Street LRT line, and future LRT expansions to the Caledon border.

6) Comparisons must include the impact of changes in bus transit routing which will act as feeders to the LRT at chosen station nodes.

7) Comparisons on time for the trains to go from Steeles and the presently committed terminus of the LRT line, to the Downtown Brampton GO Station.

8) Comparisons on costs required for each line, including station design and signalization.

9) Comparisons that reflect potential traffic congestion and conflict on each route, and an outline of potential safety challenges and ridership convenience requirements.

10 Comparisons must include potential and optimal assessment increases which would improve the tax base.

11) Comparisons must include inventory of potential development sites that would be considered for intensification. (Office, institutional, residential)

12) The TPAP for the Main Street alignment was completed in a 6 month time frame following the format below. The TPAP was endorsed by Metrolinx and was sufficient to receive full funding from the Province. It is our recommendation that we follow the same TPAP timeline for both the McLaughlin and Kennedy routes.


Main Street TPAP Process:

TPAP will take six months and will examine impacts to transportation and utilities, socio-economic, natural and cultural environments.

The information gathered will be publicly released in June as an Environmental Project Report (EPR).

The timeline for the TPAP includes:

  • 120 days for consultation on positive and negative environmental impacts and preparation of the EPR;
  • 30 days for public/government agency review and comment on the EPR;
  • 35 days for the minister of the environment to decide if the project can proceed, or if more work is needed.

During the TPAP, work will continue on the design of the project. Brampton and Mississauga councils will be updated after the 120 days of consultation.

http://CFBB’s Brief Outline for Terms of Reference- Alternate LRT Route studies – Kennedy and McLaughlin

Doug Bryden & Chris Bejnar Co-Chairs CFBB


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