Delegation Budget Comments – J. D. Bryden – CFBB Co-Chair

November 28, 2016

A leadership attribute is to lead by example, isn’t it? We were all very supportive when Mayor Jeffrey, as one of her first initiatives as Mayor, reduced her very generous salary as Mayor by $50,000, from one of the highest in Canada down to a salary range in line with a Provincial cabinet minister in Ontario. With the recent restructuring at City Hall and terminations of many senior staff and managers, how can we justify the staff complement currently in the Mayor’s office? I believe our previous Mayor had a staff complement of two – currently there are six. The salary for the Mayor’s staff is around $600,000 annually. How can this level be justified to the taxpayers of this City when other departments have recently seen significant cutbacks and there is a proposed City portion tax increase of 3.6% on the table, double the current inflation rate average of 1.45%?

We believe Council too must share in the belt tightening measures. With monthly car allowances significantly above those in the private sector, and benefits the envy of most, can we get a commitment during the budget process that these levels will receive serious debate?

How much has it cost the taxpayers of this City to defend the Inzola lawsuit against the City over the past several years? How will the budget be impacted if the City cannot defend its position? In light of all the damaging articles which have been published in the media over the past year and even today, will the taxpayer be on the hook if the City fails to defend its position? Has there been any budget provision for this potential exposure?

Thank you for the opportunity to delegate.

Doug Bryden –


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