Opinion: Mayor Jeffrey’s second half of her term


We should all want to see Mayor Jeffrey improve her ratings as outlined by the Guardian and CFBB. Here are our suggestions of getting to an A or A+.

1) Settling the Inzola lawsuit hanging over the City. Any resolution to this matter should minimize the potential impact to the taxpayer.

2) Set up a Task Force involving citizenry to make a recommendation on secondary units which will finally recognize that there is a huge cost to the City in allowing property owners to have these unregistered units without receiving a contribution from them to defray the cost, and to have the recommendation approved.

3) Removing the secrecy around the Mayor’s personal staff by setting out their respective titles, salaries and benefit packages, their respective job descriptions and what they actually do each day, and have this detail included in the annual budget.

4) Show more outward enthusiasm for the job and the need to market and promote the benefits of Brampton wherever and whenever possible. That will involve taking a leadership role in organizing and landing an appropriately funded university offering educational courses in S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Environment, Arts, and Math). Additionally, the Mayor should become a steady and outspoken proponent of the Etobicoke Creek revitalization project which, when completed, will remove the flood threat in downtown Brampton, the single most and greatest obstacle to redevelopment of Brampton’s core.

5) Show that the Mayor is carrying the message of Brampton infrastructural needs to Queen’s Park and Ottawa by detailing growth projections, past unfairness and attention shortcomings. With Liberal majority governments in place and close relationships with the Prime Minister and Premier of Ontario, expectations are great to deliver funding and infrastructure that Brampton finally deserves.

6) Put in place a new, well thought through procurement process that will serve as a model of municipal good governance procedures to which the private sector can respond with enthusiasm.

7) Spend specific time improving relationships with all on Council which will result in less adversarial positions and build consensus and confidence in supporting her leadership.

8) Be more animated and involved in contributing to Committee discussions with pertinent and creative ideas that show her interest in resolving issues and finding solutions for new initiatives that will benefit the taxpayer.

9) Perhaps, to engage and communicate with the public more effectively, the Mayor might consider having a weekly call in programme hosted by Rogers Cable 10, similar to the successful one that former Mayor Hazel McCallion had in Mississauga years ago.




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