CFFB Delegation – Ministry of Finance Pre-budget meeting February 6th, 2018: 


Thank you Minister Sousa for stopping by and listening to what Brampton taxpayers would like to see included in your next budget.


With confidence, I am going to state that Brampton is not receiving its fair share of funding from your government on a per capita basis when compared to other GTA municipalities like Vaughan, Mississauga, Hamilton and Toronto.  


As a reminder to the Minister, we are the 3rd largest municipality in the GTHA, only behind Mississauga and Toronto and growing at a much faster pace.


I can discuss several “wish list” items, but will only focus on one today, our critical healthcare funding shortfall.


Will you commit to the residents of Canada’s 9th largest city, a fully funded Phase 2 for Peel Memorial that includes a 24/7 Emergency Department and a minimum of 250 acute patient beds?  What was proposed late last year by the Health Minister is woefully inadequate for Brampton’s needs.  If you can approve funds for Trillium Health in Mississauga to add 500 additional new beds for a health network that already has over 1100 inpatient beds with 2 full service hospitals and 1 ambulatory care centre, hopefully you can approve funding for urgently needed beds and ER capacity for Brampton residents as well. 


Peel Memorial must be fast tracked to become Brampton’s second full service hospital as quickly as possible.  We simply cannot wait 10 to 15 years for a third healthcare facility to be built.


Thank you.


Chris Bejnar

Co-Chair CFBB


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