CFBB OPINION – Ryerson/Sheridan University Announcement

We are pleased to hear that both Ryerson and Sheridan College have partnered to participate in Brampton’s University bid.

In the days ahead, it will be extremely important for this “transformational” infrastructure addition to be seen as a fundamental part of a new vision for Brampton and its future. That vision incorporates other infrastructure improvements and initiatives on hold or underway in the community that will see All Day, 2 Way GO service for the Kitchener GO line (Innovation Corridor), a significant Downtown GO Mobility Hub redevelopment with fast and reliable LRT service, and the completion of the Etobicoke Creek revitalization project (Riverwalk) which in turn will bring remediation to the Downtown Flood Plain which has so restricted the redevelopment and refreshment of the inner core of Brampton for so many years.

It is to be hoped that site selection will reinforce City building and planning directions already in place, taking into account catalytic and synergistic opportunities for the betterment of the community.

We believe that, given the present size of Brampton (610,000) and the explosive growth now being experienced, provincial funding commitments already announced will favour this community over others, and in keeping with Canada’s 9th largest City.

We would be remiss if we did not take this opportunity to thank the Mayor and everyone on the Blue Ribbon panel for their dedication and insightful work to bring a University to Brampton. It will be a “game-changer”.

Chris Bejnar and Doug Bryden

Co-Chairs – CFBB

University Announcement – CFBB

Who cannot be excited – thrilled, in fact – to learn that Brampton is to have its own University! Thanks to the stellar work of the Blue Ribbon Committee headed up by Mayor Jeffrey and William Davis, Brampton will share in a government announced $180 M capital cost with Milton which will also have a University, with both communities to answer a Proposal Call early in the New Year when the terms of the Call will be known. The Brampton facility will offer courses in the following categories – science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (‘STEAM’), and the local private sector will be called upon to ensure that job opportunities are made available to graduates so that they can have a reason to live and work in our community.

This long awaited University announcement for Brampton joins recent and similar good news projects – the LRT coming to Brampton, temporarily truncated at Steeles but with future extensions to the downtown GO Mobility Hub when environmental assessments for route selection are completed, and improved GO all day service to and from Toronto with further extensions when rail commercial traffic can be relocated. Additionally, funds for detailed planning of the long awaited Etobicoke Creek revitalization have been committed which will involve specific attention to flood mitigation, and significant administrative ‘housecleaning’ has taken place at City Hall. These basic infrastructural initiatives and changes, and the opening of the new Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health & Wellness in February next year are beginning to create a sense of Brampton pride that is befitting Canada’s 9th largest city. Adding to the excitement is the formation of the New Brampton Community Task Force, and their ideas and visionary plans for creating a truly vibrant and world connected, diverse City. Stay tuned! This place is seizing the moment of Canadian and international greatness!

CFBB October 27, 2016