CFBB’s response to Minister of Health announcement- November 9th, 2017


We are always pleased to hear when Brampton’s healthcare needs are being addressed.  However we need to acknowledge that if it wasn’t for Andrea Horvath leader of the Provincial NDP party, taking on Brampton’s dire healthcare situation, conducting  FOI’s to reveal the shocking #’s for lack of beds, the number of hallway patients and funding shortfalls at both BCH and PMC, we would probably not be seeing this “knee jerk” reaction by the Liberal government in full damage control from last week’s news headlines.  They are trying to fix a problem that they created, ignoring the warnings from many. Quite frankly this is too little too late.

The additional 37 temporary beds is more realistic than the 6 beds announced by the Health Minister just a few short weeks ago, angering many and was regarded as an insult to one of the most under-serviced cities for healthcare in Canada. Thankfully, we will now have a more responsible number of temporary beds to help cope with the upcoming flu season.


We also had the Minister of Health make an announcement to commit funding for Phase 2 of PMH, something that CFBB have been advocating for several years now. A vague announcement for “well over 100 beds” with no start date, no dollar amount and most importantly NO Emergency Department.  He even commented that he felt he was “designing this facility” when making his announcement.  It sure sounded like he was still designing most of his plans and funding commitments!  Is there a coincidence to the timing of yesterday’s healthcare motion put forward by Mayor Jeffrey and today’s surprise announcement?  Interesting to see how some negative media headlines and community backlash on social media gets the wheels in motion for commitments that should have been made years ago?


What we really need is for Peel Memorial to become a full service hospital that will cater to our growing needs. 100 – 130 beds is simply not enough for a city of our size and growth.  CFBB will continue to advocate for Phase 2 to be built with a minimum of 250 beds and a second ER department.  Plans need to be fast tracked through the Infrastructure Ontario process without further delay.


As well the announcement for a 3rd healthcare facility is something that Brampton Council, WOHC and the Central West LHIN have already been working together on to allocate the necessary lands for this future facility. Again no time lines or funds were announced today to help get this project moving forward. 


And finally, lets’ not forget that the property tax payers of Brampton have already been contributing $20 million towards Phase 2 of Peel Memorial.  This announcement makes no mention of this fact.  Once again an announcement that promises much, but is short on actual details for funding and timelines. 

  • We need to immediately address the $25 million shortfall in funding  at both Brampton Civic and Peel Memorial.
  • We require Phase 2 for Peel Memorial to be fast tracked through Infrastructure Ontario’s development process with plans for a minimum of 250  patient beds and a 24/7 Emergency Department.
  • We also need immediate funding commitments to begin the design process for a third healthcare facility to be located in N/W Brampton.  A facility that should be fully functional within a 15 year time frame.

Chris Bejnar and Doug Bryden

Co-Chairs CFBB

OPINION – CFBB supports Durham Health Coalition’s call for the Province to address Hospital bed shortages

We would like to share an Editorial from Durham (Oshawa This Week) with our followers.
The editorial highlights a serious issue that CFBB has raised repeatedly over the past few years, that Brampton is the most underserviced Top 10 city in Canada with less than 1.0 bed per 100,000 residents. It is also the ONLY city with ONE ER department, an unacceptable situation! (National average is approximately 2.3 beds per 100,000 residents)
In 2017 we will be opening  a new healthcare facility with NO additional beds,  and we just recently received $6 million of funding to FINALLY open all 608 promised  beds at Brampton Civic.  The additional beds, CFBB have confirmed, will take anywhere from 6-9 months before fully operational, a full decade since Brampton Civic opened its doors!
Once again, we are calling upon Mayor Jeffrey, Council, and all of our Liberal Brampton MPP’s to demand that Peel Memorial Phase 2 planning commence immediately which will include a second ER with a minimum of 200 inpatient beds.

Chris Bejnar and Doug Bryden

Co-Chairs CFBB

January 13, 2017

CFBB Opinion-  $6 million Funding Announcement for Brampton Civic Hospital.

William Osler Health System Press release:

December 2, 2016  at 1:00pm

We’re pleased to announce that we received an extra $6 million to support the opening of all 608 funded beds at Brampton Civic. This means we can improve access to care and reduce the length of hospital stays for those we serve.

Just over a week ago,  Brampton Springdale MPP Harinder Malhi joined Mayor Jeffrey and other distinguished guests to accept a funding pledge of $6 million dollars to William Osler Health System.  The funds would be to support the opening of all 608 beds at Brampton Civic Hospital.

To most this announcement was greeted with great enthusiasm.  I however felt a great sense of relief, followed shortly by anger. Anger that it took several years to get this last stage of funding!  Funding for beds that were promised over 9 years ago! To make matters worse, this is a hospital that not only had the busiest ER in the Province, more recently had become the busiest in the country!  In a city that has seen explosive growth surpassing 600,000 residents, making it the 9th largest in Canada!

Why did it take several years to obtain this last $6 million dollars of funding?  Why weren’t alarm bells ringing at Queen’s Park?  Over the summer both the leader of the PC party Patrick Brown and NDP leader Andrea Horvath addressed the overcrowding at Brampton Civic Hospital in the Provincial Legislature.  Overcrowding that had patients strewn in hallways on stretchers, waiting for beds that were not available.  It was impacting the quality of healthcare in our city and putting an unnecessary strain onto the front line staff.  The lack of bed space prolonged  ER wait times and frustrated patients and their families. All it took was an additional $6 million dollars to finally complete our hospital almost a decade after opening its doors.

With what seems like weekly funding announcements emanating from Queen’s Park, the countess scandals that have wasted billions of tax dollars and a civil service  “Sunshine List” that’s out of control,  it’s SHAMFEFUL that Brampton residents have had to wait this long!  Only $6 million to finally open all 608 beds!  Where were our Brampton MPP’s  to openly and aggressively lobby for this urgently needed funding?

I believe it’s time to call out this Provincial government on its poor planning for Brampton’s healthcare needs.  It’s time to say that it’s unacceptable to play politics with our healthcare!  It’s time to get what this city urgently needs and deserves, a second full service hospital.

We urge all Brampton MPP’s and Mayor Jeffrey to demand that Peel Memorial Phase 2 planning begin immediately.  Planning that includes a second ER for Brampton and 200+ in-patient beds. We simply can’t wait another decade for additional healthcare services.

We are the only Top 10 City in Canada with one emergency room and one full service hospital.   A Top 10 Canadian city with less than 1.0 bed per 100,000 residents,  whereas the national average is more than double that at 2.3 beds per 100,000 residents.  Earlier studies had shown that Brampton would need 930 beds back in 2008,  yet we will only have 608 beds fully open in early 2017.

I acknowledge that the opening of Peel Memorial Phase 1 and its Urgent Care Centre will help relieve some of the pressure from Brampton Civic in the short term. However, planning for only one ER Department for our fast growing city , simply put , is inconceivable and irresponsible.

Chris Bejnar

Co-Chair CFBB

OPINION – After almost a decade since opening, Brampton Civic Hospital to receive funding to open all 608 beds!

 More good news for Brampton!

 CFBB is relieved by this week’s funding announcement that will finally allow all promised 608 in-patient beds at Brampton Civic to be operational.  This has been a long and arduous 9 years since the hospital opened its doors back in the fall of 2007. The shortage of beds contributed greatly to long ER wait times and overcrowding at the hospital.  Together with the opening of the new Peel Memorial Centre and its Urgent Care Clinic, will help take pressure away from what has become the busiest ER in the country.  This is indeed great news for our city.

This announcement will help provide a higher quality of healthcare for Brampton citizens; however CFBB feels the job is not yet done. Brampton’s population of 610,000 residents still requires further investment and better healthcare for our citizens. We understand that the Peel Memorial site is still in transition and that there is a plan in place for additional services.

It is important for the Provincial government to immediately outline its plan with accurate time lines and details for these increased services.

CFBB will be monitoring the progress and feel that it’s important for the public to be involved with the planning and input of what additional services there should be. CFBB is particularly interested in the Peel Memorial – Phase 2 plan and are calling for a second ER department and a minimum of 200-250 additional beds. There should be an ambitious goal set to have this completed within the next 5 years.

Furthermore, CFBB is thankful to our Mayor, MPP’s past and present and community leaders who have championed our cause to not only have Brampton Civic Hospital built but also have a redeveloped Peel Memorial healthcare site.      

Facts to keep in mind for the urgent need to begin Phase 2- Peel Memorial Centre:

 ·         Brampton has been one of the fastest growing municipalities, adding almost 20,000 new residents each year.   

·         Brampton’s current population of 610,000 is rapidly growing and will reach almost 900,000 residents in the next 25 years.

·         Even with all 608 beds fully open, we will still be at less than half the national average of 2.3 beds per 100,000 residents, a standard OECD measure for healthcare quality.

·         Similar sized cities in Canada have 2 or even 3 ER departments. It is inconceivable for Brampton with its growing population to just have one ER.

·         Mississauga’s Trillium Health Partners last year received funding from the Region of Peel to pursue a business case for adding a “projected” 955 additional beds to their existing complement of 751 beds over the next 20 years.

·         Population projections for both Mississauga (925,000) and Brampton (890,000) are similar.

We welcome this week’s funding announcement and look forward to seeing the new Peel Memorial Centre open its doors to patients in early 2017. CFBB looks forward to the facilities transition and evolution into the full service health care facility that Brampton citizens can be proud of.  We are calling on Willian Osler, Central West LHIN, all Brampton MPP’s, our Council and Mayor to aggressively lobby the Provincial government to begin the planning process for Peel Memorial Phase 2 immediately.  There is an urgent need for Phase 2 to include plans for a second ER department and a minimum of 200-250 additional beds to be completed within the next 5 years.  

 This is what’s required just to keep pace with our rapidly growing and dynamic city. 

 Chris Bejnar